Friday, 8 September 2017

Question of the Week

If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

  • I would do gymnastics in the house. Ella
  • I would go into a plane and fly away with it. Eddie
  • I would do gymnastics in the classroom. Maggie 
  • I would go around the classroom and frighten everybody. Stevie
  • I would scare my little sister out of my room! Poppy
  • I would go around tickling people. Hannah
  • I would run away from home because I want a new TV! Lachie
  • I would throw stuff out of the window. Bella
  • I would go around doing 'the crabby' to people. Ben
  • I would secretly go to Mum's shopping list and write what I want on the list, like ice cream! Cameron
  • I would do break dancing in the classroom. Ashton
  • I would play the spinning game in the classroom. Emily
  • I would hug everyone in the school. Eleanor
  • I would go to Batman's headquarters and say 'Hello!' Oliver
  • I would go to the Hall of Fame and take down all of the pictures so I can turn my house into the Hall of Fame! Max
  • If I saw a person robbing the bank and coming my way, I would trip them up. Tristan
  • I would bring Meila into the classroom. Jade
  • I would play in the playground during class time! Cooper
  • I would run away from work so that I don't have to work there anymore. Brody
  • I would bounce on Mum's bed and do flips. Juan
  • I would go to sleep all day and play all night outside. Sophie
  • I would play pranks on everyone. Paige
  • I would go to my friend's house when my Mum and Dad say I can't. Finn
  • I would sneak into my Mum's wardrobe and get all of the lollies. Caleb
  • I would go around the class and leave bits of chocolate on children's books who are doing great learning. Mrs Olynsma
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