Friday, 25 May 2018


During this week we have been learning how to complete a science experiment. Our focus has been on gathering data and interpreting it. By Mrs Olynsma

We have been learning about seeing if it is better to have one eye shut or two eyes open when dropping a coin into a cup. By Cash

A hypothesis is what you think before doing the experiment and I'm pretty sure that I think that two eyes are better than one. By Campbell

Here are some of our conclusions ...

I think that two eyes are better than one because you get more of a look. By Esther

I think that two eyes are better than one because you can not get the right drop zone with one eye. By Max H

I think that two eyes are best because with one eye you have to move your face to see different things. By Charlie
When we did the experiment we had to do it correctly or otherwise it wouldn't have been a fair test and the results wouldn't have been true. By Ben

It was tricky to get the coin into the cup with one eye closed. By Charlie

I felt confused because I had one eye shut. I was better with two eyes open! By Paige

I felt proud when I got the coin in with one eye covered. By Arden

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Te Reo Kori - Poi

Today we have had fun trying to use poi! We have been bashed in the face, head and backs and had a few tangles. We kept on smiling and eventually gained some control. Each small group are working to join three moves together to make a dance to the music of 'Poi E'

Friday, 18 May 2018

Kindness vs Bullying - What is best?

This week we have read a poem and a book about kindness vs bullying. We have had some discussions about building positive relationships and how to deal with situations when somebody is not being kind. 

Macca the Alpaca is a kind alpaca, who after being bullied by Harmer the Lama showed kindness by hugging him. By Isabelle
I learned that if people bully you, you can make them stop bullying by being kind to them. By Charlie

We learned that saying mean things is bullying but saying kind things is kindness and builds friendship. By Max C

Te Reo Kori - Rakau

This week we learned to use the rakau. Here we are practising with a partner. By Esther

Brody and I were practising the moves. By Blake

Lucas and I are practising tapping down and tapping together. By Isaac

We enjoyed the rakau. We were tapping the rakau. By Liam and Campbell

I felt scared when I first did it but I got used to it. It was fun doing rakau. By Kaiden and Lucy

Zara and I are practising a move. We felt happy when we were doing the rakau. By Arden and Zara

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Music for Listening Art

The sense of hearing ... and art!

This afternoon we created art while we listened to some music. We used colouring pencils to draw whatever the music made us feel. See the post above if you would like to have a go!

Thinking and Questioning

Today we were thinking about out science big question 'How do our senses help us find out about the world?' We wrote questions that we have about our senses so that we know where we are heading with our learning.
I was so impressed with Room 2's ability to work together and write accurate questions. Well done team!

Friday, 4 May 2018

Science and Art

We have asked the big question ...

 'How do our senses help us find out about the world?'

This week we have been completing some science/art activities that use our senses. We used the sense of smell and the sense of touch. Enjoy these pictures of some of our journey.

Here we are gluing on top of the pencil copying our name. By Arden

Here is Max C doing his name with glue and copying his name. By Isaac

Here are some people putting the jelly crystals on the glue. By Carter

This is the two blues and me sprinkling on some jelly crystals. By Thomas

Putting the glue on was really hard and putting the jelly crystals was a bit easier. By Ben
During the night little creatures were crawling on our art. By Isabelle

In the morning there were many tiny ants on our art but mostly they liked Isabelle's art. By Max C 

In the afternoon we took a photo of our art because there were ants. By Lucas 

We couldn't keep our art in the classroom because the would be too many ants crawling up the walls and eating our art. By Campbell

We put our amazing photos on the wall. By Charlie

I hope the ants don't eat the photos on the wall! By Esther

I felt excited while doing the art. By Max H
We did some art with stuff outside by rubbing crayons over the paper. By Zara

It was great what rubbing on the concrete and trees looked like. By Lucy

This is my art. I put a leaf under the piece of paper. By Liam

I enjoyed making art from rubbings. By Hailey

This is me rubbing a leaf onto paper. By Cash

Esther is rubbing on a leaf to make her picture. By Bella

I am rubbing a tree on good paper to make my picture. By Cooper