Friday, 31 March 2017

Work on Writing

Jack and the Giant

"That is a big person," said Jack. "I'm going!"
"You're not going anywhere!" said a loud voice.
"Yes, I am," said Jack.
"No you're not!" said the giant.
"I'm going, bye!' said Jack.
"Get back here!" yelled the giant.
"Chop down that beanstalk Mum!" said Jack.
"NOOOOOOOOO, I'm going to die!" said the Giant.
And that was the end of the giant!

Author Cooper

The Ball in the Pool

I went to the park with my puppy. When we got there I threw the ball in the pool. He had his mouth right open when he went to catch the ball. Then he found it. I threw it again and this time he dived in, right to the bottom of the pool. This time he blew bubbles. Then we went home and I threw the ball in the garden.
Author Poppy

Giraffe Jumble

"OK fellas, help me help me!" said the pilot "I'm being attacked by a kung fu monkey! No surprise if there's giraffes in the back! Arghhhh, there are giraffes in the back! Oh whew, it was just a dream. Oh no we are about to crash land into the jungle."
"It's a dream come true," said the pilot.

Author Ben

Planting Our Fantastic Garden

On Wednesday, Cameron, Ben, Hannah and Alannah, with Mrs Davies help (because Mrs Olynsma doesn't have any green on her fingers at all!) planted our Room 2 garden. They planted cauliflower, lettuce, broccoli and beetroot .... YUMMY!

Our K'nex Mission - COMPLETED!

 We have been making and building K'nex. One of them was a bird house and the other was a picture frame. Here are the completed creations. We had to follow very tricky instructions to make them. Fortunately, Ashton's dad, Brian, came to our rescue with the bird house as we couldn't quite get the roof to connect! 

Next we are building a motorbike and sidecar. We are all allowed to contribute to the building of the K'nex. It helps us to work as a TEAM!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Another Visitor!

Wow, we have been so lucky with our bird experts willing to share their time and knowledge with us! Today we had Hannah's Mum, Nicola, in to visit with their pet cockatiel called Gabby. Ask your child what they enjoyed most about her visit!

Monday, 27 March 2017

What did we learn at Owlcatraz???

On Monday after the trip we brainstormed all of the facts that we had learnt while at Owlcatraz with Mrs Lynch. As you can see we have learnt some interesting things!!! Here they are ...

Rabbits can swim.

Moreporks catch food e.g. mice

Moreporks cut open a branch and put their eggs in.

Moreporks roll eggs in feathers to keep them warm.

The North Island weka has a very strong beak.

Budgies climb with their beak.

Moreporks can move their necks 180 degrees.

Moreporks can't move their eyes.

The weka is one of the fastest birds.

Moreporks can silent fly.

Moreporks open their eyes when they are sleeping.

Owls have 3 eyelids.

The mother morepork looks after the eggs and the father morepork does all the work.

Donkeys have soft tongues.

Donkeys can live for 30 years.

Friday, 24 March 2017

What an AWESOME day!

Wow! What an awesome day we have had at Owlcatraz! Our children did us proud with their exceptional behaviour, manners and attitudes. Here are a bunch of photos for you to enjoy! Look through them with your child and get them to tell you all about the day!