Wednesday, 29 November 2017


We went to Daytona Indoor Raceway to race karts. Emily
We went to Daytona so that we learned more about friction and which wheels have lots of friction and which had not much. Poppy
Here we are getting ready to race. The people were starting up our engines so we could drive the karts. Caleb

I loved driving and passing people on the track. Ben

 I was very confident to race the karts. Blake

I loved doing drifts around the corners. Oliver

It was fun racing the karts and pretending to be on the winners podium. Hannah

I was waiting, waiting, waiting for soooooooooooo long! Juan

I loved racing with Eddie! Tristan

I loved passing people but it was quite hard to pass people! Jade

When we were racing I looked at the tyres to see if they had lots of friction or not much friction. Eddie

When I was turning the corners it was very hard because the friction was stopping me from turning. Stevie

When I was racing I let people pass me. Alannah

Aren't we cute!

We are cuter!!!!

WINNER!!!!!!!!!!! Blake


Yaba dada doooooooo! Ben

This is me in the front starting to race. Maggie

I crashed a few times!!! Ella

I was going a little bit too fast and crashing all the time! Bella

When I turned the corner, I had to turn my steering wheel really hard. Poppy

This is me just about turning the corner. Maggie

It was hard turning the steering wheel. Harper

The cutest ever!!!

I was very bad at driving, I crashed a lot! Cooper

I was speeding round the corners! Emily

Who's behind me??? Brody

Ho, ho, ho, did you know that Santa Clause likes go kart racing??? Santa Claus (aka Max)

I am going speeding fast! Paige

I loved going super fast! Lachie

I loved speeding in the karts! Juan

There was less friction because the ground was smooth. Cameron

I was going pedal to the metal and the steering wheel was hard to turn because it was stiff. Finn
Ready, steady, go parents GO!!!!

Well we think the parents are faster then the kids ... definitely! Ashton

The parents are losing friction because they are going too fast! Sophie

Go Mummy, go! Alannah

Steady on parents!!!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Science - Our first experiment!

We have been thinking about the big question ...

How can we make our toy cars travel the furthest distance?

Today we learned about 'What is the best surface to have a tug of war on?' We also looked at 'What is the best thing to have on our feet?' Hannah

We have been experimenting by actually having a tug of war! Alannah

We have learned that different surfaces have different amounts of friction. Hannah

We did one tug of war in the hall and one on the grass. Emily

We think that grass is the best surface for a tug of war. Eleanor

Some of us think the best thing to have on our feet was shoes and some think bare feet. Sophie