Friday, 1 September 2017

Question of the Week

If you were a teacher and the kids in your class wouldn't listen to you, what would you do?

Image result for naughty kids in class cartoon 

Kick them in the bottom and shout at them! Hannah
I would yell and tell them to stop. Jade
I would yell at them. Cooper
I would throw them outside! Brody
I would say "You need to stay in class during lunch time." Eddie
Scream, and then faint. Ben
I would get the principal in and get the principal to yell at them. Stevie
I would say "I command you to do 20 laps around the school!" Cameron
Kick them in the bottom and tap them over the head! Oliver
I would say "We are going to play the quiet game and if you are not, you are going to go to the Thinking Spot!" Eleanor
I would send them to the office. Harper
I would yell at them! Poppy
I would say "Go to the Principal and have time out." Alannah
I would get a ruler and smack them on the knuckles! Emily
I would throw a turtle at them. Max
I would make them do 1000 push ups. Caleb
I would scream and run out of the room. Lachie
I would throw them out the window. Tristan
I would scream and go out of the classroom. Sophie
I would yell at them and send them to the thinking spot. Maggie
I would use them as a dart board but not use real darts! Ella
I'd give them an evil look. Finn
While the kids are eating lunch, I would make a robot T Rex that would do whatever I say and it would chase them! Ashton
I'd put them in the dungeon for 10 minutes. Blake
I would send them outside for 10 mins and send them back in. Bella
I would make them do 10 chin ups. Paige
I would peg them to the art wires by their ears!!! Mrs Olynsma