Friday, 29 September 2017

Question of the Week

If you could do anything you wanted to these holidays, what would it be?

  • Take my horse to the beach - Ella
  • I would have autism for a week so that I know what it feels like for my brother - Ben
  • Go to an aquarium - Alannah
  • Buy a donkey - Hannah
  • Go to a zoo and stay for the night - Jade
  • Go to Croatia for a week - Finn
  • Go to Fiji for the week - Caleb
  • Go to Hawaii - Stevie
  • Stay a night at Dream World and Movie World - Cameron
  • Go to China to see ninjas - Ashton
  • Let Stevie stay for a week - Sophie
  • Go to a circus - Emily
  • Stay at home - Lachie
  • Go to Canada - Maggie
  • Have Stevie come for a play date - Poppy
  • Let Juan come for a play date - Brody
  • Ride my motorbike down our road - Juan
  • Go to Fiji - Harper
  • Take my whole family to the beach - Bella
  • Go to the moon! - Cooper
  • Go shark cage diving - Tristan
  • Go on The Chase and earn lots of money and take my family to Hawaii - Blake
  • Go to my beach house with my pony - Paige
  • Visit a chocolate factory and eat lots - Mrs Olynsma


  1. Wow! Ben you are an amazing empathetic brother. Jack is very lucky to have you in his life. We are very proud of you.

  2. Oh Ben, you sure are amazing!