Monday, 30 April 2018

It's Finally Open!

Today we had an official opening of our new playground ... it was a looooong time from 9am until morning tea when we could play on it! Room 2 all cheered when the bell rang!

Friday, 13 April 2018

Crazy Day Clip

Crazy Day! Dress Up in House Colours!

After dancing around the court Miss Simpson told us to have a photo taken of everyone in our house colours. By Willy Wonka

Kauri is the BEST team ever! By Thomas

No one can beat Totara. By Isaac

Rimu is the best colour in the whole school. By Zara

Matai is awesome! By Isabelle

We are getting ready to show off all our costumes. By Arden

I felt nervous when I was going around the circle because I thought my hat would fall off. By Carter

Here are our crazy costumes. By Charlie

I'm muscle man!!! By Paige

Here we are dancing around on the court. I liked it. By Blake

Here is Max H dancing in a tutu and undies over his tights. By Cash

Here I am as shiny as a disco ball. By Thomas

Here we are dancing along on the court with music. By Liam

Here is Ben being a super hero wearing glasses and a cape. By Esther

I felt happy when I was dancing. By Charlie 

Here is Blake waving his flags around. By Ben 

For Crazy Day I was a rubix cube. Behind me is my prize! By Lucy

We were having a photo and we had crazy faces on. By Toby

This is us with our costumes on and this represents Crazy Day. By Max H

Friday, 6 April 2018

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Hot Cross Buns

On Wednesday the Junior Team worked in groups with Mrs Davies to make our very own Hot Cross Buns!

We had to tell Mrs Davies what we thought the ingredients were in the Hot Cross Buns. By Ben

The parent helpers were awesome. They helped us make Hot Cross Buns. By Zara

These are the ingredients for the hot cross buns. By Bella

We did a Easter Bunny dance and here we are stretching and hopping. By Campbell

This is one part of the Easter Bunny dance and we were shaking our bottoms when Mrs Bunny flopped. By Max H 

Mrs Davies made some dough the night before. The dough rose because of the yeast. By Max C 

We learnt that yeast would eat the sugar and then fart it out and this made the dough rise ... but we killed it by putting it in the oven! By Cash

This is us putting the ingredients into the bread maker to make the dough. By Paige 

Here is Max C putting in milk powder to make the dough. By Blake

I felt hungry when we were making the dough. We read the recipe and added in the water. By Kaiden

I felt excited to eat the hot cross buns. By Carter

The parents helped us by explaining which ingredient was next. By Charlie

We are adding the oil to the dough. By Arden

Here we are waiting for Mrs Davies to put the dough in the pie warmer so that it can rise. By Thomas

The hot cross buns were very hot when we got them out of the oven. By Liam

Here is Zara putting in the sugar so that the yeast can eat it and FART! By Isabelle

The last part that we did was put flour on the table and make the shape of our hot cross bun and we could choose if we wanted raisins. By Esther

When Mrs Davies gave me the hot cross bun I got a raisin from it and I ate it. It tasted like a burnt sausage. By Lucy

I got a hot cross bun from Mrs Davies and it was burning hot. By Toby

Here I am eating a hot cross bun it was yummy. By Hailey

Mmmmmm, delicious! By Brody

Cash was eating his hot cross bun. By Lucas

Me and Cooper were shoving out hot cross buns in our mouths. They were delicious when we shoved them in. By Cooper and Isaac