Thursday, 14 September 2017

Animals and Us

This week we got into groups and began researching into a society of our choosing to find out more about how they use animals to help people or how the people to help animals. I am so proud of how well our kids are working together, thinking and answering the questions that we have. The aim is to then turn this learning into an I movie ... watch this space!!!

We are researching about police dogs in New Zealand. Cameron, Tristan and Juan

We are learning about HUHA and how they help animals stay alive. Eleanor and Max

We are learning about what the RDA do to help people with disabilities. Hannah, Bella and Harper

We are learning about how the police dogs help the police and the country. Ashton, Paige and Finn

Here is our Tic Tac Toe to record our learning about Guide Dogs. Cooper, Brody and Blake

We are learning about the RDA. The RDA helps people become more confident. Poppy and Maggie

We are learning about the Kaimanawa Heritage Horses and we learned that it stops the horses from being slaughtered. Ella, Sophie and Alannah

We are learning about Assistance Dogs and we enjoy learning about it because it is very interesting. Ben, Stevie and Eddie

We are really enjoying learning about animals in war and it is really interesting. Oliver, Lachie and Caleb


  1. Animals are a humans BEST FRIEND. They are loyal and don't BACK CHAT. You all look really interested in the study.

  2. Animals are good friends and it is good to learn about them