Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Buddy Time

Today we shared our portfolio's with our buddy class. We are really proud of all of the learning that we have completed this year! 

Please make sure you take the time to share this learning with your child when they bring them home this Friday.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Whitecliffs Boulders - A selection of photos from our trip!

By Kaiden
By Lucas
By Lucy
By Arden

By Max H
By Blake

By Isaac
By Isabelle
By Thomas

By Ben

By Liam
By Esther

By Paige
By Bella

By Zara
By Cooper

By Hailey
By Charlie

By Carter
By Max C

By Cash

By Campbell

By Toby

Friday, 16 November 2018

The Queen's Nose

This week we started reading a book by Dick King-Smith called 

'The Queen's Nose'

The main character is Harmony Parker. Her Uncle Ginger sent her on a treasure hunt. At the end she found a 50 pence piece. She discovered that the 50 pence piece was magic. It could grant her 7 wishes in total. 

We were all very interested in the 50 pence piece. Max H brought in some of his coins that looked a bit like a 50 pence piece.

This coin is actually an Australian 50 cent piece.
It has 13 sides and that means it is called a tridecagon.
The 50 pence piece has 7 sides and is called a heptagon.

The next day Lucy brought in her money collection from all around the world and we enjoyed looking at it and learning about different money.

It is interesting where learning can lead us!
Written collaboratively by Room 4 (aka Room 2)

Friday, 9 November 2018

This week in maths we have been learning how long a cm, 1/2m and a m is. By Paige

We had a piece of string on the floor and we had to guess how long we thought it would be. We had lots of different ideas about how long it was. By Arden

We learnt what parts of our body's are about a metre. Mine was from my fingertips on one hand to my elbow on the other arm. By Campbell

We used cm to measure smaller things. My pinky finger is about 1 cm in width. By Charlie

We used the metre rulers to find 1/2 m on our bodies. Mine was my foot to my hip. By Toby

Some of our class mates used their feet to measure how long a metre is. By Isabelle

We had written some items around the class on our whiteboards. We had to estimate how long they were and then measure them. By Bella

We learnt lots about measuring and how big cm and m are. By Blake

When we measure we start at 0, not the end of the ruler! By Zara

We learnt what a unit is. It is the fancy word for cm and m. By Max H

I felt really nervous because at first I didn't know how to measure anything. When we had finished I had learnt lots.
By Brody

I felt happy when I was measuring metres. By Carter

I felt excited because I was learning how to measure. By Hailey

I estimate lengths of things by imagining chocolate bars and how long they are. By Mrs Olynsma

Friday, 2 November 2018

Health - What have we been learning about?

Buddy Bowling!

Today we went out with Room 7 our buddy class and played a few games. One of them was called Buddy Bowling ... like ten pin bowling with people!