Friday, 14 September 2018

What have we been up to in science this week?

We have been making ice cream! We used cream, sugar and vanilla in a small zip lock bag. We put this small bag in a large bag containing ice and salt and then we shook! Enjoy these photos of us enjoying ice cream!!!

Te Reo Maori Language Week

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Visitors from Japan

Today Mrs O'Donnell brought two people from Japan to visit us. We got to ask lots of questions about what it was like living in Japan.

They explained what Japan is like. By Paige

We learned how to say hello (konichiwa) and goodbye (sayonara) in Japanese. By Isaac

We learned what the tallest tower in Japan is called ... 'The Skytree'. By Bella

We loved having them here. By Arden

They taught us about the weather in Japan. By Brody

They have lots of horrible earthquakes in Japan. By Campbell

We learnt that there are A LOT of people living there. By Isabelle

We learned that one of them taught English in Japan. By Max C

Friday, 24 August 2018

What have we been learning in science this week?

Cartwheel Creamery

After we went to the Bartlett's Dairy Farm we invited Jill from Cartwheel Creamery to teach us all about cheese making. By Max C

We have been learning about changes in foods and she taught us how milk changes into cheese. By Bella

The cheese starts as a liquid (milk) and then turns into a solid. By Isabelle

To make milk turn into a solid they have to add salt, rennet and a culture. By Zara

This is Jill from Cartwheel Creamery and she is talking about cheese making. By Brody

She showed us a video and photos about how she makes cheese from their house. By Campbell

This is some of the equipment they have to use to make cheese. By Carter

She is telling us about what to use to make cheese. By Kaiden

They use this to cut the cheese (tee hee!) into squares. By Cooper

They use this thing to squash the liquid out of the cheese. By Liam

This is a book about recipes for cheese and Cartwheel Creamery have a cheese in the book! By Isaac 

Jill offered us some cheese to taste it was delicious! By Lucy

I liked trying the cheese. By Charlie

Brody couldn't wait to eat his cheese ... he was dying to eat it! By Blake

Jill gave us some cheese to eat. I think the others thought it was yum but I couldn't have any. Mrs Olynsma didn't give me a lolly instead ... honest! By Arden

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Writing Group 3 - States of Matter Rap

The Three State of Matter Rap
By Max H, Cash, Charlie, Isaac, Lucy, Paige, Arden and Isabelle
(and a little bit of help from Mrs Olynsma)

Now, this is a story all about matter
Lot’s of science served up on a platter
And we’d like to take a minute,
Just sit right there
We’ll tell you all about matter just let us share

So look all around you, what do you see?
A solid keeps its shape and does not flow ... like me
Liquids aren’t like solids, they flow away
They take the shape of what they’re in, just like I say
When a gas flows around we just can not see
Like the air all around the world and me
Mass is the weight of things like people and perfume
The amount of space that something takes is known as volume

So this is the end of our rap about matter
If you eat to much solid you are bound to get fatter
We hope you’ve been learning
We are finally there
Look all around us and matter is here

Friday, 17 August 2018

Writing Group 2 - States of Matter Poem/Drama

States of Matter Poem/Drama
By Campbell, Max C, Kaiden, Ben, Thomas, Brody, Carter and Blake
(with a little bit of help from Mrs Olynsma)

Matter is the stuff all around
The things that make the earth from the sky to the ground
Things that have weight and take up space,
It’s anything you see, touch or taste

Solids keep their shape and do not flow
The particles are tight and can not go
Solids are things like metal and bricks
They can be paper and pens and great big sticks

Liquids can flow to fill a bath
Or follow a river down it’s path
The particles move slowly past each other
Giving high fives to their brother

Gases can move freely around
They move all about from the sky to the ground
Gases are things like air, farts and steam
You can let out your breath with a very big scream

Writing Group 1 - States of Matter Song

The Three States of Matter (To the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle)
By Esther, Liam, Lucas, Bella, Cooper, Toby, Hailey and Zara
(with a little bit of help from Mrs Olynsma)

Solid, liquid and a gas,
All of these have weight called mass,
Anything that takes up space,
Is called matter, like your face
Solid, liquid and a gas,
Volume takes up space not mass

Solid things they keep their shape
Like a superhero cape
Rocks and steel and beds and bikes
Books and socks and glass and trikes
Solid things they do not flow
That is something that we know!

Liquids they are very runny
They’re not solids but more like honey
They take the shape of what they’re in
Even if they are poured in a bin
Liquids flow around the place
If not kept within a space

Gas is something you can’t see
It is all around you and me
Breath is gas and so are farts
CO2 is used in carts
Gas moves quickly around the place
We can breathe it in our face

Friday, 27 July 2018

Does Change Affect Us? How and Why?

This term we are working to answer the BIG question 'Does change affect us? How and Why?

We have begun this week by talking about what change is and what changes happen. Here are some of our initial ideas ...

  • Cars can change to use no petrol - Thomas
  • Cars can change gears - Ben
  • You can try new ideas and change what you do - Paige
  • You can change your personality - Cash
  • You can change your attitude - Lucy
  • Your top can change from clean to dirty - Charlie
  • Your sandwich can change when you put different things in it - Liam
  • You can change your hairstyle - Brody
  • You get older - Campbell
  • Motorbikes can change when you change the tyres - Toby
  • Bread changes when you put it in the toaster - Carter
  • Your confidence can change - Isaac
  • You can change your room by painting it - Isabelle
  • You can change your clothes - Bella
  • Bananas can change from fresh to rotten - Kaiden
  • You can change what you like e.g. from Marvel to DC - Max C
  • You can change your voice - Blake
  • You can change how thick and thin your hair is or the length - Esther
  • Water can change to ice - Zara
  • Our blood pressure can change - Arden
  • You can change your undies! - Mrs Olynsma

We then worked in groups on a classifying activity. We had a bunch of pictures and we had to group them into three groups. Check these out ...

Our three groups were cute, yummy and weird - Isabelle, Paige and Zara

Our groups were water, food and other - Arden, Max H and Cooper

Our groups were drinks, steam and nature - Lucy, Hailey and Esther

We had summer stuff, home stuff and nature - Bella, Kaiden and Carter

We had; water in and around them, feet go with them and shapes - Isaac, Liam and Toby

Our groups were chemicals, water and wild life - Charlie, Thomas and Lucas

Our groups were nature, human stuff and steam - Campbell, Cash and Ben

Our three groups were earth equipment, food and animals - Max C, Brody and Blake
Finally, we talked about three words - solid, liquid and gas and then had a go at reorganising our pictures. As a class here is our final verdict ...
At the moment we think that solids, liquids and gases are ...
  • Liquids are a sort of chemical - Toby
  • Gas can be air - Campbell
  • Solids are bendy and hard - Bella
  • You can't break a solid - Arden
  • Liquids can spread - Isaac
  • Gas is something that is grey and that is smokey - Esther
  • Some gas can be hot - Blake
  • I think farts are gas - Brody
  • Gas is hard for people to breathe in - Paige
  • Bottles have liquid in that can turn into gas - Zara
  • I think burps are gas - Liam
  • I think poop is a solid - Max H
  • I think wee is a liquid - Isabelle

Keep your eyes on the blog because you will see our thinking changing as we learn about our BIG question!