Monday, 28 August 2017

Ahoy Me Hearties!

Rooms 1 and 2 did us proud with their performance at the dance display! Everyone tried their hardest and looked amazing. Room 2's pirate solo was fantastic! 

Friday, 25 August 2017

Question of the Week

Of all the things that you are learning, what do you think will be the most useful when you grow up and why?

Maths - when you get older you can have a job. Blake
Speaking Maori - when I grow up it would be useful to be able to speak the language. Hannah
Spelling - when you are older you might want to be a teacher and you would be able to teach kids how to spell. Alannah
How to handle and be around animals - when people come to your house and they bring animals you will know what to do. Finn
Gymnastics - because most adults can't do rolly pollies, cartwheels and the pencil roll so it will keep me flexible. Bella
Reading - so I can learn more about stuff. Juan
Listening and doing what you are told - when you are older and get a job, if you don't listen you might get fired! Ashton
History - because you can learn stuff from the past and you might be on a TV show about history and it would help you win! Tristan
Writing - you might want to be an author when you grow up and you won't be able to write a good story if you don't learn to write. Stevie
Maths - I want to be smarter when I grow up. Maggie
Different Languages - that way I can go to different places and be able to talk to them. Max
Learning about animals - I want to be a vet when I'm older. Eleanor
Gymnastics - I wish one day to be the greatest gymnast in the world. Ella
Writing - one day I want to be the smartest in the world! Cameron
Art - so I can be the best artist in the world. Sophie
Maths - you might need to measure stuff. Cooper
Writing - when you are older you have to do some tests and write lots of things. Emily
Writing - you might want to be an author and you would need to be really good at writing so the reader can understand what you have written. Eddie
Writing - if you want to be an ambulance, police, fire officer you need the skills so that you can do the exams to become one. Caleb
How to approach a dog - if you go up to a dog badly it might bite you. Lachie
Gymnastics - so I can stay fit when I am older. Brody
Maths - when I grow up I can write heaps of co ordinates. Oliver
Art - I could sell art on the streets for the homeless and get money for them to buy stuff and for me to live. Ben
Typing - because I will have already learned to type and I will be able to type fast. Paige
Being kind - it will make other people feel happier and make the world a better place. Mrs Olynsma

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Animals and Us - Police Dog Visit

On Wednesday we had two policemen visit. One of them was a dog handler and he brought his dog Karn along. We had a wonderful time asking them our questions about how police dogs help people. Enjoy the pictures of our experience and our reflections on the visit. Mrs Olynsma

Here are the policemen and the police dog coming into the classroom. By Lachie

Karn was amazing to do what he was told. He was very cute! By Cameron

We were being very good listeners and very good at asking questions that hadn't already been answered. By Eddie

Whenever Karn gets the jacket put on him he knows that it is work time. By Paige

This is me holding the police dogs jacket. It was very heavy. He uses his jacket to protect him, to help him be seen, to put on a GPS or a camera and to carry the lunch! By Brody, Cooper, Eddie and Eleanor

It was filled with dog fur! By Sophie

This is the dogs training sleeve so he can learn to bite bad people's arms. By Blake

It was very fun wearing the sleeve. By Cooper

This is the policeman's baton. It is used to scare bad people and hit them if needed. By Emily

This is Karn doing what he is told. When the policeman says 'speak' he starts barking. By Hannah

This is Karn playing tug of war because he was good and doing what he was told. By Alannah

One skill Karn needs, is to be listening at all times. By Ben (I think Room 2 are still working on this one! Mrs Olynsma)

During the visit Stevie asked "Why are the police colours blue and white?" The policemen didn't know and said if we found out to let them know .... so here are the answers!
  • At night time the dark blue colour is harder for the baddies to see.
  • The colour blue makes people feel safe and protected.
  • People don't trust dirty people and the blue colour hides the dirt well so you can't see blood stains or any other stains as easily. It is easier to clean blue than other colours!
  • Originally, the NZ police copied the British colours. The British were blue so that they were a different colour from the army. 
There you go Allan and Simon ... this is the official googled by Room 2 answer!!!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Animals and Us - Husky Dog Visitors!

On Monday we had the Manawatu Ridge Runners Club come to school with their Husky Dog Sled team. It was the best day ever! We learned a lot about how the dogs help people and what people do with them in New Zealand. Enjoy the photos!
Mrs Olynsma