Friday, 29 June 2018

Hand Art

We have been working on an art activity that uses lines and detail. It has taken us a long time to complete this piece! Check it out!

I felt great when I finished my hand art because it looks awesome! The bit that was hard was that I had drawn heaps of lines.

I am soooooo proud of my art. It makes me happy when I look at it. 

This is my hand art. This is a sample of what I did. It was really hard to find other ideas but I'm proud I could manage to.

I am proud of the design and creativity of my art.

We have been learning to make different patterns. I am proud of my drawings and also different designs.

I felt so relieved when I was finished my hand art.  

This is my art. I am so proud of it. 

Art - Halcombe Community Development Group

This week we have been working on a piece of art that reflects our Halcombe community. We will be entering these in a competition. Wish us luck!

What I found hard was when we took photos because all of the photos that we choose were so cool. It was hard putting all the pictures in place on my piece of paper.

It was hard to do my round about and my house.

We have been colouring our Halcombe colouring in competition. I am proud of how I can do the outlines.

It was hard to design the round about and the tractor.

I am so proud of the art. We went out to go for a walk down to the Halcombe village. It was fun.

I am proud of my art. The easy part was colouring in and the hard part was doing the lines. To do my art we went on a class walk. 

We have been for a walk around Halcombe. We took the i pads for the photos. We took amazing photos for the competition. 

We went for a walk around the Halcombe park to take some pictures for the colouring in competition. We copied the photos with the i pad. 

On Friday 21st of June when Mrs Lynch was in our classroom we went for a walk in the village.

I was very proud when I finished this art. It makes me very happy when I look at it. 

We took photos everywhere around Halcombe village. We took two photos for each of us so we can pick one of them to draw in the competition. I felt happy when I started drawing. 

We went for a walk through the Halcombe village and we walked down the walkway. We played in the park. When we got back to school we drew a picture of what we saw.

I'm proud of how I did the two houses. It was hard to get the shape correctly in my picture.

This is one of the competition art. I'm proud of my sunset and I'm also proud of the sun. I felt good. I hope I win!

It was hard when I was drawing because it was really hard to draw the pictures.

This is a sample of my card competition. What I found hard was doing the rocks on the walkway. The easy part was colouring in.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Our Little Drummer Class!!!

Smelly Science!

This week we have been pretty smelly! We have been completing a science experiment about the question ...  can you smell what I smell if you can't see? We discovered that it is harder to identify smells blindfolded. We think that the reason is that our senses need to work together and that we may not have experienced that smell before so can't identify it. 

Friday, 1 June 2018

Te Reo Kori - Buddy Time!

This week we did Te Reo Kori with our beloved buddy class Room 6. By Bella
I enjoyed doing Mau Rakau with our buddy class, it was hard but fun. By Isabelle
I felt excited when I was doing poi, I was awesome! By Carter