Wednesday, 28 March 2018

What are we doing?

Today in Science we were learning about some animals and how they keep safe in the sun ... can you guess what animal the children are being? Ask someone from Room 2 if you can't!

Friday, 23 March 2018

Writing in Room 2

We are learning to write a sentence correctly. By Arden

A sentence is a thought that you could write down on a piece of paper. By Campbell

First we put a capital letter at the start of our thought and then we put a full stop at the end of our thought. By Bella

Here are some sentences that the children have written during Work on Writing time, and have changed so that they are correct sentences. By Mrs Olynsma

We have to stop the evil Doctor Nappy. By Isabelle

One day in a little village there lived a family. By Charlie

They were going to whoppy cushion the world and I've got to tell Batman and the Avengers. By Campbell

There was a big earthquake and the sea lost control and the sea water went all over the world. By Esther

One day I was walking down the road. By Lucas

Once upon a time a time a little girl was running away from a horrible witch. By Liam

She was amazing with what she could do. By Bella

So then Vision came and then Falcon came. By Max C

After this do you want to do motor cross? By Toby

The baby flew into the sky and she was farting too. By Cash

Once upon a time there was a little girl who got lost in the forest. By Isaac

Once upon a time there was a girl called Alice. By Paige

A little girl is asleep and pirates are taking her. By Cooper

Once upon a time there was a sea and the water came above the cars. By Ben

Batman had a picnic. By Hailey

I was walking up the hill one day and I saw a whole bundle of super heroes. By Thomas

There was a little village and the village was made out of coffee. By Zara

I pounced on a rhinoceros and it was just like riding a pony or a horse. By Arden

They stared at me. By Lucy

It was yummy, the food was yummy and the best part was dessert. By Blake

Please come into Room 2 and ask the children if they can share the story with you that their sentence came from! By Mrs Olynsma


Friday, 9 March 2018

The end of swimming - What did we achieve?

I floated on my back for the first time without using my arms! By Lucy

I learned how to float on my back. By Hailey

I finally learnt how to float on my back correctly! By Cash

I learned how to do my arms properly in freestyle, By Isaac

I am getting better at my streamlining on my front and my back! By Cooper

I have been trying to kick my feet at the same time as I am doing freestyle. By Max C

My favourite part was learning how to float on my back and learning how to do freestyle. By Ben

Every time I went swimming I tried to kick my legs correctly when on my back. By Brody

I learned how to float on my back and do breathing on my front. By Paige

My favourite part about swimming was learning to float on my back. By Campbell

I learned how to do freestyle and float on my back. By Blake

I learned to float on my back and kick! By Max H

I learned how to float on my back! By Toby

I learned to streamline on my back and kick my legs. By Thomas

I felt proud of floating on my back and kicking quickly. By Bella

I learned to breathe when I did my freestyle. By Zara

I learned to do backstroke while I was in the pool! By Isabelle

I was trying to do the back streamlining. I can do it now! By Lucas

I had to practise to do back streamlining! By Charlie

I couldn't float on my back without kicking and now I can! By Arden

I got better at freestyle. By Carter

I didn't know how to do freestyle at first, but then I got used to it and got better and better. By Kaiden

It was hard to do backstroke but I pushed my tummy up and I did it! By Esther

I learned how to do backstroke!!! By Liam

Friday, 2 March 2018

Fun Swim!

When Mrs Morris taught Room 2 we made Barney Malloon's Balloon art. By Paige
We coloured in the hot air balloons and we glued them on the blue paper. By Carter
Mrs Morris cut some cardboard and rolled it into a ball, put tape around it and stuck it on the back of our balloons. By Zara
It made them look like they were sticking out and by doing big and small ones it made them look like they were going further and closer. By Campbell

 We also made this art. This art looks like the sun coming up. We made this by separating the page into three sections and after that we drew the sun, the hills and some water and rocks. By Esther
We used pastels to colour it in beautifully. By Hailey
It was really fun when we were doing this art. By Isaac

Mrs Lynch did this art with us. She had to take a photo of us. We did two collage and the other ones we coloured. By Charlie
We wrote a poem about ourselves and Mrs Lynch cut them out for us and glued them on. By Max H
I felt very nervous doing the collage but I managed to do the right thing! By Brody

We want you to come in and see our art please ... please ... please! By Kaiden