Friday, 8 September 2017

Animals and Us - Canine Friends Pet Therapy and Nightrave Greyhound Rehoming

On Monday, the Canine Pet Therapy group and the Nightrave Greyhound rehoming people and their dogs came to our classroom. Ben

They came to our classroom to tell us about what Pet Therapy do in NZ. Eleanor

Pet Therapy go around rest homes in Feilding and visit people that aren't having a good day. They put a smile on their face. Hannah

The Greyhound re homing people find new homes for greyhounds when they retire from racing. Lachie

This is Murphy! His breed is a schnauzer and he is cute! Poppy is a little bit scared of dogs, but was happy to give Murphy a pat. Emily and Ella

I enjoyed seeing the dogs because they made me feel happy. Stevie

I enjoyed watching Murphy do his little tricks. He did a paw shake and rolling over. Poppy

This me cuddling the greyhound. I'm hidden behind Els. Maggie

I had the world's best time cuddling Oakey Dokey because he was a great cuddler! Eddie

The dogs were so cuddly and calm. Tristan

The scarves said 'Canine Friends' and when they put them on, they know it is work time. Juan

Look! Everyone is smiling ... including the dogs! Mrs Olynsma

This is Cobby just before he kissed me! I like dog kisses! Cooper

This is me right next to Murphy. Murphy was my favourite dog there. Ashton


This is me, Sophie, cuddling Sophie!!! Sophie

They got a surprise of Smacko's for coming and sharing about Pet Therapy and Greyhound Re homing. Cameron

Thank you for coming! By Room 2


  1. You have had some wonderful experiences and visitors during your Inquiry Room 2. What a fabulous question you asked.

  2. It was a great day Inwent home and told my mum all about it!