Friday, 25 August 2017

Question of the Week

Of all the things that you are learning, what do you think will be the most useful when you grow up and why?

Maths - when you get older you can have a job. Blake
Speaking Maori - when I grow up it would be useful to be able to speak the language. Hannah
Spelling - when you are older you might want to be a teacher and you would be able to teach kids how to spell. Alannah
How to handle and be around animals - when people come to your house and they bring animals you will know what to do. Finn
Gymnastics - because most adults can't do rolly pollies, cartwheels and the pencil roll so it will keep me flexible. Bella
Reading - so I can learn more about stuff. Juan
Listening and doing what you are told - when you are older and get a job, if you don't listen you might get fired! Ashton
History - because you can learn stuff from the past and you might be on a TV show about history and it would help you win! Tristan
Writing - you might want to be an author when you grow up and you won't be able to write a good story if you don't learn to write. Stevie
Maths - I want to be smarter when I grow up. Maggie
Different Languages - that way I can go to different places and be able to talk to them. Max
Learning about animals - I want to be a vet when I'm older. Eleanor
Gymnastics - I wish one day to be the greatest gymnast in the world. Ella
Writing - one day I want to be the smartest in the world! Cameron
Art - so I can be the best artist in the world. Sophie
Maths - you might need to measure stuff. Cooper
Writing - when you are older you have to do some tests and write lots of things. Emily
Writing - you might want to be an author and you would need to be really good at writing so the reader can understand what you have written. Eddie
Writing - if you want to be an ambulance, police, fire officer you need the skills so that you can do the exams to become one. Caleb
How to approach a dog - if you go up to a dog badly it might bite you. Lachie
Gymnastics - so I can stay fit when I am older. Brody
Maths - when I grow up I can write heaps of co ordinates. Oliver
Art - I could sell art on the streets for the homeless and get money for them to buy stuff and for me to live. Ben
Typing - because I will have already learned to type and I will be able to type fast. Paige
Being kind - it will make other people feel happier and make the world a better place. Mrs Olynsma

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