Friday, 11 August 2017

Question of the Week

Are you a good friend? Why do you think so?

Emily - Yes, because I let other people make up games sometimes.
Eddie - Yes, because when we play soccer I pass the ball around a lot.
Cooper - Yes, because I am kind. 
Brody - Yes, because I am kind to others.
Tristan - Yes, because I help people when they are hurt.
Finn - Yes, because I share and help a lot.
Alannah - Yes, because I let other people be the owner when we are playing animal games.
Maggie - Yes, because I try not to say mean words out of my mouth.
Hannah - Yes, because I care for others when they are hurt.
Cameron - Yes, because I agree with other people's games that they make up.
Ashton - Yes, because every time I hurt people I say sorry.
Ben - Yes, because I am kind, thoughtful and I have a lot of sense of humour.
Juan - Yes, because if someone doesn't agree with my games I let them choose it.
Stevie - Yes, because when someone is hurt I go and see if they are ok.
Caleb - Yes, because I include others in games.
Oliver - Yes, because I'm kind.
Paige - Yes, because I just go with the flow.
Poppy - Yes, because I care for others when they are hurt.
Sophie - Yes, because I show people how to do stuff that I can do, if they can't yet.
Harper - Yes, because I am nice when it comes to games.
Max- Yes, because I share stuff in games.
Lachie - Yes, because I don't cheat in games anymore! 
Blake - Yes, because when somebody gets hurt I will take them to the sick bay.
Eleanor - Yes, because when I see someone alone with no one to play with I will play with them.
Ella - Yes, because I am very kind and nice to people and like to give them hugs!
Jade - Yes, because I am kind and thoughtful and use humour wisely.
Mrs Olynsma - Yes, because I like to do things for other people and share chocolate with them. 


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  1. I like your map Eddie and Finn it is so colorful i like how it has so much color.From Emily