Friday, 18 August 2017

How do people help animals and animals help people?

On Tuesday I brought my Dad and my hunting dog, Missy, in for a visit and a talk. My dad talked about what she does in hunting to help people find deer. By Juan

Missy is a Hungarian Vizsla. By Hannah
Juan's dad taught us that when Missy found a deer she pointed her tail straight up in the air and lifted one paw up to show him where it was. By Caleb

I was asking Juan's dad a question ... Why are hunting dogs so aggressive? We learned that aggressive means that the animal or person is very mean. Missy is not aggressive but pig hunting dogs need to be. By Cooper and Eddie

We also learned that Missy loves to cuddle! By Ella

Jim said that you had to be about 20m away from the deer before you shoot in the bush. By Eleanor

This is me holding the deer antlers that Dad shot. Every year the deer's antlers fall off. Different types of deer have different amounts of points on their antlers. By Juan and Hannah