Friday, 4 August 2017

Question of the Week

Is it better to be a kid or a grown up? Why?

It is better to be a kid because ...

  • you can do fun stuff and your body works better - Hannah
  • you get more attention and your parents love you - Ashton
  • you are more flexible - Emily
  • you don't have to pay any bills - Brody
  • your parents spoil you rotten - Ella
  • so you don't have to go on face book for work - Sophie 
  • you have no stress - Cooper
  • we get to do much more fun things than adults - Bella
  • you get to play on the I Pads more - Maggie
  • your life is longer - Oliver 
  • you get to learn - Max 

    It is better to be an grown up because ...

    • you get to drive to the shop and buy chocolate any time you want! - Mrs Olynsma
    • you get buy whatever you want - Alannah
    • you have more knowledge than a kid - Stevie
    • you get to buy more treats - Harper
    • you can get a job - Poppy
    • you can stay up all night - Blake
    • you can watch movies whenever you want - Paige
    • you can go places when you want - Juan


  1. I agree with you Mrs Olynsma!

  2. It was interesting to know who wanted to be a kid or a grown up.

  3. It was interesting to know who wanted to be a grown up.

  4. Great work Room 2 - what a lot of great ideas you have. I can't make up my mind about whether it is better to be an adult or a kid... there are positives and negatives for both!

  5. I had so MUCH fun doing this work