Friday, 4 August 2017

I see, I Think, I Feel, I Wonder?

We were looking at pictures of animals doing stuff for our big question ... How do people help animals and animals help people? By Paige 

We were thinking about how we felt about the picture of a girl kissing a horse. We felt loving. By Ashton
We were looking at a picture that had a bird in it and there were people in the picture that were going to get coal. The bird was with them and if they were by gas the bird would stop singing and they would get out quick. By Emily

We had go around all of the pictures and answer how we felt, what we saw, what we wondered and what we thought. By Hannah

We were trying to write something about each picture. Each group got a different colour and all added to the same sheet. By Maggie

This activity was fun and helped my thinking. We had to think REALLY hard! By Juan

In this picture there was a dog and a suitcase. We thought it was a dog getting into someone's suitcase but we found out it was a drug detecting dog. By Oliver

I was filling in the sheet and I could see a dog trying to help a person open up the washing machine. By Blake

I was filling in the 'I feel' part of a picture of a dog. I felt confused because the dog was wearing boots and goggles.             By Cooper

I felt sad because the horse in the picture was all skinny and bony. By Alannah      
I felt sad because it was going to die. By Sophie

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