Friday, 17 March 2017

Work on Writing

I was in a black cave. I had the golden key with heaps of leaves. I had a clock with me. I saw a big eye and razor sharp teeth ... it was a BIG monster! Run! Run! Run out of the cave! OHHHHHH, it's Mum!

Author Lachie

The Sea Dog

"Arghhh, there's a dog in the water. Oh no, I know what he's after, he's after the ball. Wait, what??? That's my ball! Hey get back here dog!"
"No! There's a human in the water, she is after my ball and I've got to get the ball before she does."
"Oh, he's so cute. No, I need to focus. Ah ha, I've got the ball. Take that dog!"
"Ruff, ruff!"
"AHHHH, no, he's got the ball. Oh no, now I still have it!"

Author Stevie

Air Buddies

"Wowsers, look Coochie, it's a flying clown!" I said. "And he's evil! This is very bad and if we do not stop him he will take over the world!"

Author Ella


  1. Ha ha ha very funny my favorite one is the second.

  2. What cool writing room 2 it is fantastic.