Monday, 27 March 2017

What did we learn at Owlcatraz???

On Monday after the trip we brainstormed all of the facts that we had learnt while at Owlcatraz with Mrs Lynch. As you can see we have learnt some interesting things!!! Here they are ...

Rabbits can swim.

Moreporks catch food e.g. mice

Moreporks cut open a branch and put their eggs in.

Moreporks roll eggs in feathers to keep them warm.

The North Island weka has a very strong beak.

Budgies climb with their beak.

Moreporks can move their necks 180 degrees.

Moreporks can't move their eyes.

The weka is one of the fastest birds.

Moreporks can silent fly.

Moreporks open their eyes when they are sleeping.

Owls have 3 eyelids.

The mother morepork looks after the eggs and the father morepork does all the work.

Donkeys have soft tongues.

Donkeys can live for 30 years.


  1. It look like you learnt a lot. I hope you had a lot of fun at owlcatraze.

  2. Wow Room 2 even I didn't know some of that.

  3. I learnt something new today!

  4. I learnt a new fact today. Thanks R2!!