Friday, 2 March 2018

When Mrs Morris taught Room 2 we made Barney Malloon's Balloon art. By Paige
We coloured in the hot air balloons and we glued them on the blue paper. By Carter
Mrs Morris cut some cardboard and rolled it into a ball, put tape around it and stuck it on the back of our balloons. By Zara
It made them look like they were sticking out and by doing big and small ones it made them look like they were going further and closer. By Campbell

 We also made this art. This art looks like the sun coming up. We made this by separating the page into three sections and after that we drew the sun, the hills and some water and rocks. By Esther
We used pastels to colour it in beautifully. By Hailey
It was really fun when we were doing this art. By Isaac

Mrs Lynch did this art with us. She had to take a photo of us. We did two collage and the other ones we coloured. By Charlie
We wrote a poem about ourselves and Mrs Lynch cut them out for us and glued them on. By Max H
I felt very nervous doing the collage but I managed to do the right thing! By Brody

We want you to come in and see our art please ... please ... please! By Kaiden


  1. It looks and sounds like you had a productive, fun day. Your artwork looks so great. I look forward to visiting your classroom, and checking out your fantastic efforts, soon!

  2. WOW the art work looks amazing, well done Room 2.

  3. I loved looking at all of this artwork during the 3 way conference, such talented kiddies in room 2 :)

  4. They all look very colorful and fun.