Friday, 9 March 2018

The end of swimming - What did we achieve?

I floated on my back for the first time without using my arms! By Lucy

I learned how to float on my back. By Hailey

I finally learnt how to float on my back correctly! By Cash

I learned how to do my arms properly in freestyle, By Isaac

I am getting better at my streamlining on my front and my back! By Cooper

I have been trying to kick my feet at the same time as I am doing freestyle. By Max C

My favourite part was learning how to float on my back and learning how to do freestyle. By Ben

Every time I went swimming I tried to kick my legs correctly when on my back. By Brody

I learned how to float on my back and do breathing on my front. By Paige

My favourite part about swimming was learning to float on my back. By Campbell

I learned how to do freestyle and float on my back. By Blake

I learned to float on my back and kick! By Max H

I learned how to float on my back! By Toby

I learned to streamline on my back and kick my legs. By Thomas

I felt proud of floating on my back and kicking quickly. By Bella

I learned to breathe when I did my freestyle. By Zara

I learned to do backstroke while I was in the pool! By Isabelle

I was trying to do the back streamlining. I can do it now! By Lucas

I had to practise to do back streamlining! By Charlie

I couldn't float on my back without kicking and now I can! By Arden

I got better at freestyle. By Carter

I didn't know how to do freestyle at first, but then I got used to it and got better and better. By Kaiden

It was hard to do backstroke but I pushed my tummy up and I did it! By Esther

I learned how to do backstroke!!! By Liam


  1. Wow! You all learnt a lot of things in the pool. looks like your really good swimmers and have a lot of fun while learning.

  2. You all did well you should be very proud and it was a cold day too! Bella I noticed a big improvement from last year very happy mummy :)