Friday, 2 June 2017

To Infinity and Beyond!

This term we are learning about Space. We have learnt about how we get day and night ... almost!
 The earth has an axis that it spins on and goes around the sun.
By Ella

Every time the world spins around, parts of it get day and parts of it get night.
By Ben

The sun doesn't spin around the earth ... we revolve around the sun.
By Eleanor

The part of the world that is facing the sun gets day and the part of the world that is not facing the sun gets night.
By Stevie

For the earth to do day and night it takes 24 hours.
By Finn

We have learning about Matariki which is the story of the seven sisters who make a star constellation.
By Hannah
 This is us showing our stars to you before we star bomb our classroom.
By Eddie
 We are making stars because we are learning about Matariki.
By Jade
 Matariki means it is a new year in the Maori culture.
By Emily
 The Seven Sisters are also called Pleiades.
By Alannah
 The Seven Sisters were being annoying zooming around all of the planets so they were given a job to do. The job was to make a constellation to show the Maori new year.
By Cameron
This is Hannah and Ella colouring in the Matariki stars! Matariki is about working together.
By Maggie

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