Thursday, 15 June 2017

How do we get day and night .... the model!

We have been learning about how we get day and night and we have made some models. By Caleb
The models help us show our understanding of day and night. By Emily
We were working outside the classroom because we did not want to get paint on the carpet.
By Eddie

We used green and blue to paint the earth.
By Sophie

This is us drying the earth while standing on the earth!
By Oliver

Here is us painting the sun ... not the real sun, the model sun!
By Hannah

First we painted the yellow and then we did red dots to show sunspots. Finally the orange shows the corona.
By Finn

We felt nervous in case we spilt the water on the suns!
By Brody

It felt very nice painting the sun. I felt very relaxed.
By Ella

What on earth am I doing? Looking out into space? I need to remember not to look at the sun!
By Jade

I felt happy painting the sun, it was awesome!
By Ben

We were putting the sun and earth together to make a model.
By Cooper

This is me trying to stab the cardboard to put a hole in it so I could use split pins to join the sun and earth.
By Tristan

It was hard to put the split pins in and bend them shut.
By Cameron

These are the finished models. We can use them to show how we get day and night by spinning the earth.
By Ashton


  1. I like your suns and the earth.THAT IS IMPRESSIVE!

  2. You should all be so proud of your models. They look fantastic.