Friday, 9 June 2017

Amazing Alliteration

We have been learning about alliteration. By Caleb
Alliteration is when the same sound is repeated at the start of a word in a sentence. By Ella

It is not like a rhyming word because rhyming words have the same sound repeated at the end of a word. By Ashton

Here are some examples ...

Lachie the leopard leapt up to the  leopard sky.
By Lachie

Cuddly cubs like cuddly, cuddly, cuddles.
By Tristan

Tigger the tiger was trying to hide.
By Eddie

Buzzy Bee buzzed around.
By Juan

Little Lily and Lulu leopards like spying on loads of lions.
Lily Leopard leaps onto Lulu.
By Poppy

Pollee the polar bear popped on pluto and turned pink.
By Cameron

Puddles the puppy pounces in puddles.
By Jade

Poppy the pony plays polo.
By Paige

Cute kittens like climbing trees.
By Caleb

Pepper Pony pranced in a parade.
By Hannah

Sharky the shark loves  to swim with his mates.
By Oliver

Jay jumps on Jim Jaguar roar!
By Blake

Tingley tigers were being turtles.
By Finn

Jimmy the jaguar jogs to Jim the jaguar.
By Max

Silly shark swam sadly .
By Ben

Silly Sally Seahorse swims with his silly seahorse friends.
By Eleanor

Hairy horses hop on Hannah.
By Ella

Carter cute crazy kitten drinking milk on a soft snuggly little blanket.
By Emily

Puppy Paw likes playing with other puppies.
By Maggie

Leopards like to leap with leopard friends.
By Alannah

Loly loves to leap with his friends.
By Ashton


  1. Such superb sentences by some savvy students ;)

  2. What clever writers you are Room 2! Perhaps you could come down and teach some of the Room 6 kids how to use alliteration in their writing. Sometimes they forget what to do, but it looks like you know exactly what you're doing!

  3. your photos are so cute that is also some clever writing.

  4. They are so cute.