Friday, 18 May 2018

Te Reo Kori - Rakau

This week we learned to use the rakau. Here we are practising with a partner. By Esther

Brody and I were practising the moves. By Blake

Lucas and I are practising tapping down and tapping together. By Isaac

We enjoyed the rakau. We were tapping the rakau. By Liam and Campbell

I felt scared when I first did it but I got used to it. It was fun doing rakau. By Kaiden and Lucy

Zara and I are practising a move. We felt happy when we were doing the rakau. By Arden and Zara


  1. Good rakau room 2

  2. Really great work, Room 2 - thanks for sharing your awesome learning.

  3. Very good room 2 I wish I could do that