Friday, 26 May 2017

Technology Challenge ... How can we help Maui?

We have been reading the legend of Maui and the Sun and Te Ika a Maui. We did some drama with them and had fun creating a WHOOSH circle! We then were set the challenge to design a device that would help Maui either catch the sun or fish up Aotearoa. We had to complete a design plan. Eleanor let us put hers in to show everyone!

Here we are trialling our first design!

This is me trying to catch the fish.
By Emily

Here I am fishing up a fish (Aotearoa). My device worked!
By Caleb

I missed catching the sun because my device didn't work.
By Jade
My device didn't work because it was too floppy.
By Lachie

My device worked. I caught the fish.
By Poppy
My device didn't work because it fell apart.
By Stevie

Yeah! My device worked!
By Eddie
It completely ... FAILED!
By Tristan

My device didn't work because it was too short.
By Maggie
Oh man! It didn't work!
By Ben

I felt excited when I nearly caught it.
By Eleanor
I felt nervous if I was going to get it or not ... it was too short!
By Cooper

My device didn't work because it was too floppy and short.
By Max
I'm going to reach ... Oh no, I didn't!
By Oliver

I felt happy that mine didn't work because I got to redesign it.
By Alannah
Will I catch it? Yes I did!
By Cameron

It worked, it worked, it worked!
By Hannah
Mine didn't work!
By Juan

It worked because it was deep enough.
By Finn
I caught it ... YAY!
By Ashton

After trialling we recreated our designs to see if they would work better.
By Caleb
When we were remaking our designs we tried to make them better by talking to each other.
By Emily

Here are our final devices! Did they work????
Ask us to find out!

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