Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Our Day at the Marae

We had a brilliant day at the Marae on Monday. Room 2 children did  us all proud with how they stepped up to lead the rest of the juniors in the walk to the Marae and also throughout the day. You rock Room 2!!!
Mrs Olynsma

There was a man named Mr Kereama who spoke to us and told us how we would come onto the Marae.
By Emily

This is the entry to the Marae.
By Jade

When we went into the Wharehui we listened to speakers and sang songs. This is called a powhiri.
By Hannah

This is us doing Hongi for real!
By Cameron

Everyone had to wash their hands before having kai to wash away any negative feelings.
By Ashton

The kai was yummy and we had it in the Wharekai.
By Blake

We thought we were going to have our own morning tea ... but we were wrong! They had much more food prepared for us.
By Ella

By Lachie

Mr Kereama was telling us all about his family and he told us the meeting house was called Manomano.
By Tristan

These are some of the designs inside the Wharehui. They all show different meanings. This one is about Matriki.
By Caleb

We were allowed to touch the carvings.
By Stevie

Me and Cooper were asking Mr Kereama how long it took to make the carvings.
By Oliver
It took 5 years.
By Paige

The conch shell is used for greetings and farewells. Tristan had a turn at blowing it.
By Cooper

We learnt some games in the Wharekai. I won the game. It was called Mu Torere.
By Poppy

We played awesome activities. This one is called Makamaka. It is the same as knuckle bones.
By Ben

This game is called rakau. It is hard to play with a broken arm!
By Maggie

This game is called potaka. It is like a beyblade or spinning top.
By Alannah


  1. What a wonderful day you all had, games, stories, singing and yummy food.

  2. It looks like you had fun.

  3. Looks like you had a great day juniors. The seniors had fun also.