Friday, 13 April 2018

Crazy Day! Dress Up in House Colours!

After dancing around the court Miss Simpson told us to have a photo taken of everyone in our house colours. By Willy Wonka

Kauri is the BEST team ever! By Thomas

No one can beat Totara. By Isaac

Rimu is the best colour in the whole school. By Zara

Matai is awesome! By Isabelle

We are getting ready to show off all our costumes. By Arden

I felt nervous when I was going around the circle because I thought my hat would fall off. By Carter

Here are our crazy costumes. By Charlie

I'm muscle man!!! By Paige

Here we are dancing around on the court. I liked it. By Blake

Here is Max H dancing in a tutu and undies over his tights. By Cash

Here I am as shiny as a disco ball. By Thomas

Here we are dancing along on the court with music. By Liam

Here is Ben being a super hero wearing glasses and a cape. By Esther

I felt happy when I was dancing. By Charlie 

Here is Blake waving his flags around. By Ben 

For Crazy Day I was a rubix cube. Behind me is my prize! By Lucy

We were having a photo and we had crazy faces on. By Toby

This is us with our costumes on and this represents Crazy Day. By Max H


  1. Wow good writing guys, and wasn't crazy day fun. I think that your costumes looked awesome. I can't wait for the next crazy day!

  2. You guys all looked like you had a lot of fun yesterday. You guys all looked really crazy!

  3. Wow room 2 you all look very crazy today.

  4. Wow room 2 you look awesome!