Friday, 24 February 2017

Work on Writing


I'm a little dog. I'm going to find someone with a ball and go and fetch it. Seriously? He threw the ball in the water!
Argghhh, the water has a creature, a scary creature! Everyone the water isn't safe now.

Author - Ashton

"What is that?" said Tom. "Oh, I know it's a juicy ball. I'll jump off the diving board ... SUPERMAN MODE! ARGHHH got ya!"
"What, it looks like another nose on a clown." said Tom

Author - Max

The Key and the Clock

"Holy watch, it's a watch. Hey, this might be the key to fix it. I'm going to go and see if it fits. Hey, it fits! I'm going to change the time to 12 o'clock. I really want to be naughty. By the way, it is 17 past 4 on the watch and I'm going to change it to 12 o'clock. Oh no, my Mum is coming. I'd better hide."

"Daniel!" yelled Mum.

"I'm over here!" said Daniel

"Why were you hiding?" said Mum

"Because I thought you would tell me off because I changed the time to 12 o'clock."

Author - Eleanor


  1. Great stories I liked the one with superman in it.

  2. Great stories I really liked the one about the watch

  3. Typical - Ashton's favourite word is 'seriously' at the moment so I am not surprised he is using it in his stories